Italia Eventi 24
7 and 9 February 2016: Live stream The Sartiglia
Foundation Sa Sartiglia,EjaTV and present Live stream of Sartiglia
Dal 04/02/2016 al 09/02/2016

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The dressing of ‘Su Componidori’ (Live stream at 11.30 AM)
In the morning of the tournament day,‘Su Componidori’ (the Head of the joust) first goes to the stables to greet friends and riding mates; then he pays a visit to the Chairman of the Guild. Towards noon,from this latter’s house,a parade will form and make for the hall where the dressing ceremony takes place. Drummers and buglers lead the cortege,composed by ‘massaieddas’ – young girls wearing the traditional costume of Oristano – carrying the clothes of ‘Su Componidori’ on their flat baskets (‘corbulas’),accompanied by ‘Sa Massaia manna’,a woman designed to supervise the dressing ritual; then,the Guild members follow,carrying the swords and wooden lances to be used for the race and,finally,‘Su Componidori’.
The Sartiglia (Live stream at 2.00 PM)
A threefold crossing of swords between Su Componidori and his second- in-command marks the beginning of the Sartiglia. Su Componidori will tempt fate trying to hit the target piercing it with his sword,at full gallop. Next,it will be the turn of his two aides-de-camp and,afterwards,of those riders honoured by Su Componidori with the assignment of a sword. Skilled and successful riders will be prized with a little silver star as a keepsake.
The Pariglie (Live stream at 4.30 PM)
Su Brocci,the small tunnel leading to via Mazzini,marks the beginning of the audacious equestrian acrobatics. The series of performances opens with the group of Su Componidori: the three riders gallop down the itinerary,their horses aligned,and the two side horsemen guide,while the head of the tournament rides keeping his hands on his mates’ shoulders.


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