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International Dinner with ESN Roma LUISS
International Dinner with ESN Roma LUISS
Dal 10/06/2016 al 12/06/2016

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So… The end of the semester is approaching and we would like to have a final dinner all together on June 10th to live again together the memories of these months and have fun once again all together!

But this dinner will be a special one: it’s YOUR turn!

It will be an international dinner,that means you will eat dishes from all over the world cooked (well,better: suggested by)… yourselves!

You are asked to form 6 teams with maximum 5 people each. The team will submit a recipe typical of the country represented (like: paella for Spain,empanadas for Argentina etc) by sharing a word document on the event page. This will be given to the canteen staff who will prepare it for that night (it will be great if you could be there as well giving them tips and stuff).

During the dinner we will taste all the dishes and Appoint the best one!

So if during your erasmus you’ve at times found yourself explaining to someone about that specific dish from your country you miss while here,or simply if you’d like to share the culture of your country while having fun with fellow students,join the competition and partecipate in this unique event.

IMPORTANT > Deadline: all the recipes must be submitted by Friday May 27th due to specific requests of the canteen. Please be precise or you won’t be able to join!!!

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